Watching Women’s Football

No, when watching Women’s football with me I’m not going to agree that you could be “top scorer”. You lack the mental capacity to understand even a fragment of where the Women’s game “is at”.

Women’s football, in 40 years, hasn’t been able to achieve what Men’s football has in 120? Please tell me how that makes men physically superior in every way.

Ignore the fact that Women’s football recieves a fraction of the financial attention that Men’s football does and still manages to attract 850,000 people to a World Cup.

And, of course I’d like to hear about your “topless football” scheme and how that will bring more people to games. You’re a marketing genius.

Having short hair and playing football does NOT make you instantly a lesbian, for the last time. Women’s football is not a “haven” for lesbian women, either.

Educate yourself.

  1. octobones said: When people start going off about my beautiful women’s football, it’s like they’re begging me to kill them.
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